Monday, January 24, 2011

an update of sorts.

things have not slowed down since I graduated college this past December. But I wanted to update this for anyone that is interested.

Sabrina is doing things a little slower than most but she is learning and doing well. Beth is trying to get the hang of being a mother of a special needs baby, but it is hard. Part of her still wants to remain the teenager and do all the things that normal teens her age do.

I sometimes wish she could, unfortunately she has a child that will probably always need her.

we are almost positive that Sabrina is blind and we know that she has serious issues with cerebral palsy not to mention all the other things that she struggles with daily.

I would not miss a minute of it though.

ok now for something cute to lighten the mood.

Sabrina cannot see and she is crosseyed thanks to inheriting my families lazy eye. So we talk to her and and she tries very hard to focus. and she gets this look on her face like she is concentrating . we always laugh because it is so cute, but the other day she started laughing back, well sort of . she has not found her voice yet, so it was like she was mocking us. we laughed even harder which made her smile even bigger.

she is a sweet baby. Beth is lucky to have her.

now about the actual teenager. beth has a love on anime and all things anime and all things japanese. She is crazy about it and has been for several years now. last summer when she was still pregnant with Sabrina she went to a convention for anime. It was really difficult trying to find a costume for someone that was pregnant. she ended up posing as ( oh geez I never remember the names of the characters) anyway the character had to be pregnant because she was. the photographer grouped her between two of the other male characters with their hands on her belly. I got a kick out of it and thought it was really funny. Her reaction omg I look so fat. her sisters reaction, ( imagine hands on hips) "ok which one of them is the daddy???" it was meant to be a joke.

on a side note Sabrina's father is still pretending she does not exist. he has caused a lot of turmoil in our family and his. part of me does not want his crazy around my child and her baby, and the other part of me wants him to grow a pair and care for this baby who has done nothing but allow us to love her.