Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It has been a while

Things have been crazy, since I last posted. My daughters pregnancy had difficulties. The baby had several intra uterine strokes. It was a big scary mess. Needless to say we took her out of school and she began the journey of having a high risk pregnancy. As we got closer to her due date the doctors gave us their best and worst scenario's for the baby. Worst scenario was that the baby would be born and not survive birth and their best was she would survive for a short period of time but would not live long.

she delivered her on sept 8th and the baby is not nearly 3 months old. She has a lot of medical problems but she is doing well and we have a lot of hope she will be alright. She is going to be very special. She has been diagnosed with several profound cerebral infarctions, mthfr, lipoprotein a deficiency, cerebal palsy, and hydrocephalus. more things may develop as she grows.

right now she is recovering from a shunt that she had placed in her brain. but appears to be doing well. once she has recovered and the therapist starts seeing her we are hoping she will be able to reach those next milestones.

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