Saturday, March 20, 2010

ok she takes after her father.

I am not a whiny person in general, and as a mom of 3 kids very close to the same age and a full time college student. I never had time with them and life in general to whine when I was sick.

My husband on the other hand, can handle pain very well, unfortunately he does not handle sickness very well at all.

Her sickness is all day long and has been since she was around 4 weeks along from what we can tell.

So you have heard of people saying really strange things when they are sleeping, my child seems to do this when she is sick.

Our conversations are not really all that crazy, but she calls me in every time she needs to pray to the porcelain god and of course I go in. She will then begin her ranting about how she hates this, how she would never of had sex if she knew this would happen, she wishes the fathers balls would shrivel up and fall off. yes like I said very lovely conversations with my 17 yr old child as she whines to the toilet.

I feel bad for her because nausia is awful and the actual act of getting sick is bad as well. she spends hours huddled in the bathroom, so much so that she now takes her blanket and pillow and a glass of water in with her. At least she can prepare for the long hours in there. When I was pregnant with her, I had a type of sickness for the whole nine months that gave me no nausia warning, I would be in the middle of a sentence or driving down the road and then have spontaneous projectile vomiting would happen.

being sick all the time makes her tired. so she is always sleepy, and with sleepy always comes grumpy, whiny and several of the other dwarves from snow white. She wants to be the queen though, bring me a herbal tea, or a sandwhich, I am cold find my sweater. I need this or I need that etc... yes my child thinks she is royalty.

we feel her belly on a daily basis though and I take pictures of the belly every week, so that we can watch her progress. I am excited more and more about this baby. I kind of wish her pregnancy was easier for her, but I think if pregnancy was easier, then being pregnant would be a lot cooler than it is already.

we all have a feeling that the bean as we call the baby, is a girl. my step mother going so far as buying two very cute onesies already, a cute purple one and a little green striped one. both are girl onesies. She has decided on a name for a girl. she is naming her after her friend that was murdered last year and also a family name that has been passed down through the generations. If this child is a boy though, it is going to be a fight. she only has a half a name that we all can agree on. I still say you should pick out several names and then when the baby is born look at them and decide which name fits the best. I wish I had done that.

anyway, that is all the story I am going to involve today, as we just returned from vacation and I have a source presentation to write and a double test to prepare for.

hope everyone is doing well and I will write all about our lovely vacation and the next doctors appointment she goes too soon.

hugs and well wishes.
a mom of a pregnant teenager.

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