Sunday, February 21, 2010

the story of how we found out.

The day my daughter first came to us, with her then boyfriend fearing she was pregnant was intense and scary I imagine for her, but my way of handling things is to get the important stuff out of the way and then make fun of the whole thing .

So I awoke at roughly 6 am and went to make sure all my daughters were awake and preparing for school. only to find that my oldest was not in her bed, in fact she was not even in the apartment. ( ok so I won't lie a part of my heart panicked).

I am not one to sit idle so I paced for about 30 minutes, while my husband went and searched the complex. When he came in and said she was not in there I decided to go against one of my own rules and look through her notes and journals. I hated it when my parents invaded my privacy but this was one of the times when I felt justified to do so.

I stumbled across a note that said she thought she was pregnant and needed to go and buy a test. I shook I won't laugh that away. I tried telling myself that my baby would not do that to me. ( ahem notice the name of this blog now )

at 7 am she came into the house and told us that she walked to the corner store, in a small town I probably would have not had a problem with it, but we live in a big city and well this is a huge no no. but she was home and safe.

My husband and I decided while we were waiting on her that we would be having a nice long talk with her and her boyfriend this evening.

So after a long grueling day at college for myself and school for her we met in the privacy of our bedroom ( if you can call it privacy with a 15 and 12 yr olds standing outside the door attempting to hear every word).

the boy sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, beads of sweat forming on his brow, damn right he should sweat..... and our daughter sitting on the floor. ( I should have seen a problem already by simply seeing his seating arrangement but I digress)

we told them to spill the beans and my daughter sat tightlipped not responding and he looked at us and said that he and beth had been dating and that he may have unintentionally gotten her pregnant. Ok so being the big meany I am, I laugh and got blunt, did you have sex with my child I asked and he nodded, and I told him, "I do not know about anyone else but sticking your dick into someone is pretty intentional, I mean no one is a little pregnant."

My husband had gone to the store and picked up a few cheap pregnancy tests and she tested and they were all negative so we though wheew this scare is over...... ok so sometimes we are dumb or maybe it was just wishful thinking on our parts.

fast forward now to 3 weeks ago. I am at school, elbow deep in clay ( I am a ceramic artist)and i get a text from my oldest. it is nearing time for dinner so I am assuming it is the standard whats for dinner text and a picture pops up. a picture of a positive pregnancy test with the words I took this at school today. okkkkkkk so I clean up my station, wash my tools and clean up myself a little. Then I go outside and call my husband to find out if he knew what was going on. yep he knew and so I hightailed it home for yet another night of talking.

Now in between the negative testing and the positive testing days my daughter had broken up with her then boyfriend because of his rules.

I know this is short and not funny but this is the beginning so I think it needed to be included. I will do some sick days and some sibling rivalry posts in the next few days that should have everyone in fits of giggles to make up for it.

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